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States, Businesses Provide Paid Leave

Posted by Emily Davis on 12/19/18

work it: balancing families and careers

While families in the U.S. continue to wait for a federal mandate on paid family leave, both individual states and businesses take the lead on providing parents with the ability to both work and care for their families.

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Dear Tech Companies, Show Some Empathy

Posted by Emily Davis on 12/19/18

modern mom-ing: what it means to be a parent today

Even today, becoming a parent draws back the curtain between life and death in a unique way. The joys and the sorrows are immense; and every parent can use as much help as they can get. It might be help with establishing breastfeeding, getting more and better paid time off but empathy is always in short supply.

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PPD Affects Women And Families

Posted by Emily Davis on 12/19/18

Research Run Down: Findings from the medical world

Research news for this week include the far-reaching effects of maternal mood disorders, how longer periods of breastfeeding may positively affect health and how to best support all aspects of special needs children.

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Topics: Research Run-Down

Can Stress During Pregnancy Hurt Future Health?

Posted by Emily Davis on 12/19/18

medicine and the mom: health, wellness and everything in-between

Medical news this weeks looks into the long-term effects of stress and pregnancy, why one mom didn’t get help for her prenatal depression and a study offers some reassurance regarding the safety of a common anti-nausea drug.

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Topics: Medicine and the Mom

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