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Protecting Pregnant Women From Drug Studies Leaves Them Vulnerable

Posted by Emily Davis on 12/12/18

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What causes a miscarriage? Most of the time the answer is simply “we don’t know,” but there are some tests that can give much-needed answers. And NPR investigates how shielding pregnant from the experiments inherent in studies means that doctors experiment on any pregnant woman who needs medication.

  • As pregnant women are considered a “vulnerable” population, researchers often do not include them in drug trials. Unfortunately, this means that doctors know very little about how drugs affect pregnant women and their children. From NPR.

  • What is adenomyosis and how can it affect fertility? From TODAY.

  • Fertility tracking apps can be both an effective tool for educating women about their bodies and their fertility and a gateway to unhealthy levels of obsession. Read the full story at WBUR.
  • When women experience a miscarriage, one of the most pressing questions is “why?” unfortunately, most of the time the answer is unknown, but there are tests that can give some answers, as U.S. News & World Report reveals.

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