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Is Technology Helping Or Hurting Families?

Posted by Emily Davis on 12/5/18

modern mom-ing: what it means to be a parent today

How does the astronomical cost of IVF (which is increasingly needed) affect the creation of families? Is there a way to overcome this barrier to parenthood? And IVF is not the only bit of technology affecting parenthood - gadgets to ease the parental load are thick on the ground, but are they good for children and their parents? (And do they work?)

  • With rising maternal age in most developed countries, IVF is becoming both more common and more successful. But it remains nearly prohibitively expensive and is a barrier to parenthood for many who need it. From The Guardian
  • The BBC investigates how new technology is affecting parental care for children; including the advent and use of baby monitoring technology such as the Owlet or Baby Vida. Both of which had their effectiveness questioned by researchers earlier this year. Read the full report at JAMA and a summary from PEOPLE.  

  • A new illicit drug epidemic is making waves in the U.S. - methamphetamines. The use of this class of drugs among pregnant women has doubled in the past ten years. From NPR.
  • Motherhood is hard work, but it’s not really a job. One mom presents her resume anyway. From POP Sugar.

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