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Maternity Leave Is Harder Than Many Women Expect

Posted by Emily Davis on 12/5/18

work it: balancing families and careers

With a new generation in the workforce and starting families, worker priorities are changing and policies are beginning to reflect that reality. Paid parental leave (not to mention other perks) is increasingly common and nearly universally needed - particularly in the U.S. (Although your maternity leave may not be as smooth as you might have imagined.)

  • Quartz investigates the best (and newest) perks for working parents. Most notable include items such as flying nannies and a maternity concierge services.
  • How can companies better support working mothers and help keep them in the workforce? An opinion piece in Forbes investigates.

  • Another law firm has upgraded its parental leave policies; following the lead of other companies this year. From The American Lawyer.
  • For those fortunate enough to receive maternity leave, the reality is often  different from the expectation, and much harder. The BBC has one woman’s perspective.  

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