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PPD Affects Women And Families

Posted by Emily Davis on 12/19/18

Research Run Down: Findings from the medical world

Research news for this week include the far-reaching effects of maternal mood disorders, how longer periods of breastfeeding may positively affect health and how to best support all aspects of special needs children.

  • When mothers are affected by postpartum depression, their children and families also suffer. The AAP calls for increased screening both before and after childbirth in order to minimize the negative effects of one of the most common obstetric complications.

  • According to a long term study, longer breastfeeding may be tied to lower rates of fatty liver disease. From Reuters.

  • The number of children with special health care needs in the U.S. is rising, and along with their medical challenges often come increased psycho-social needs. The AAP offers some guidance on how to best support these children.

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