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Can Stress During Pregnancy Hurt Future Health?

Posted by Emily Davis on 12/19/18

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Medical news this weeks looks into the long-term effects of stress and pregnancy, why one mom didn’t get help for her prenatal depression and a study offers some reassurance regarding the safety of a common anti-nausea drug.

  • Quartz has a story from a mom about how prenatal depression affected her, and why she didn’t get help.

  • ABC News reports on how “personalized medicine” helped one family overcome recurrent miscarriages, and Health News Review examines the accuracy of the reporting.

  • The Harvard Gazette reports on a large, new study on the safety of the anti-nausea drug ondansetron. The study concluded that there was no increased risk of congenital heart defects and a small increase in the risk of cleft lips and/or palates.
  • All mothers experience stress; but can that stress negatively affect long-term health? A study, summarized on Moms, offers some evidence that some low-income, minority mothers suffer long-term negative health effects from stress and pregnancy.

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